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haidong Newer version to gather host's BIOS and serial number data.
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Line 6: Line 6:
 <code powershell updateHost.ps1>​ <code powershell updateHost.ps1>​
-$HostList = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "exec Windows.Host_Select_HostID_HostName"​ -ServerInstance "​sql1"​ -Database "​JiMetrics"​ +function updateHostSQL($h) 
-$HostList | ForEach-Object ​+    $HostName = $h.HostName 
-    $HostName = $_.HostName +    $HostID = $h.HostID
-    $HostID = $_.HostID+
     try {     try {
Line 51: Line 50:
     $sql = "EXEC Windows.Host_Update $HostID, '​$Domain',​ '​$OS',​ '​$OSArchitecture',​ '​$OSServicePack',​ '​$OSVersionNumber',​ '​$HardwareModel',​ '​$HardwareVendor',​ $MemorySizeGB,​ '​$CPUType',​ $CoreCount, '​$SMBiosVersion',​ '​$BiosReleaseDate',​ '​$SerialNumber'"​     $sql = "EXEC Windows.Host_Update $HostID, '​$Domain',​ '​$OS',​ '​$OSArchitecture',​ '​$OSServicePack',​ '​$OSVersionNumber',​ '​$HardwareModel',​ '​$HardwareVendor',​ $MemorySizeGB,​ '​$CPUType',​ $CoreCount, '​$SMBiosVersion',​ '​$BiosReleaseDate',​ '​$SerialNumber'"​
 +    return $sql
 +$HostList = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "exec Windows.Host_Select_HostID_HostName"​ -ServerInstance "​sql1"​ -Database "​JiMetrics"​
 +$HostList | ForEach-Object {
 +    $sql = updateHostSQL($_)
     Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query $sql -ServerInstance "​sql1"​ -Database "​JiMetrics"​     Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query $sql -ServerInstance "​sql1"​ -Database "​JiMetrics"​
 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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